Morning Story

“Jie” ( sister in Mandarin). “Jie jie.”


“Jie jie!!” .. Hand waving


“Jie jie!!!! Why you no talk to me! Play with me  la!!


“Jie jie… Me sad la. Play peek-a-boo la with me.”  Waaaaaaaaa

Mommy of Too


14 thoughts on “Morning Story

  1. So pretty, your girl. The baby, boy or girl? I guess from the pink and flowery outfit, it’s a girl. Belated congratulations on your new-born, God bless all.

    • Baby is a girl. Thank u so much for ur well wishes. She’s almost 3 mths old and mommy is sad bcos this means maternity leave is ending soon

    • Ya lor. Made a promise to myself to start online journal again even if it means a short post. Sayang bah. It is fun for the future reading too

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