Emily and Emma

I can still recall Emily reaction when she first saw her baby sister Emma, on 22 April 11.30pm. Both baby and I were discharged from hospiyal merely 12 hours after the delivery. That of course after a thorough physical checkup towards the baby and mommy.

The house door opened and Emily ran towards me, must have been missing me that much. But she was taken aback when she saw the baby. We introduced her to Emma and she smiled and said, “Baby, Mommy,baby”..

Every now and then, she will come to see Emma who’s sleeping in her cot or while she’s being nursed and asked me if she can kiss the baby. ” Hi Emmama!!” (I dont know why she calls her sis Emmama)She’ll be my  informer if baby is crying. She’ll be the first to tell me if baby’s awake from sleep. Emily is such a cooperative sister and I can rely her to help me with taking stuff that is far from my hand-reach.

But right now while i’m typing,Emily is busy doing “fortress” with cushions and not bothered with her sleeping baby sis. Typical 3yr old kid, huh?





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