My Neslo baby.


*it’s Neslo ice for breakfast almost everyday since I found out I was pregnant.. Did not manage well with ditching nescafe drink, thus the drink*

This happened exactly 2 weeks ago, 22nd April 2015,5.09am. All praises are to God for He blessed us with a healthy baby girl, weighing at 3.14kg..

Let’s rant about it.

I was slightly disappointed when nothing happened at pregnancy Week 38, a week prior. Probably because I was hoping it would be like what I had with Emily, where she was born at Week 38. Overloaded work at lab which means me climbing up and down the staircase almost at every hour made me prayed hard that the baby is out before it’s due date which was predicted on 28th April.

After work, April 21st, I akak The Hubby to go jalan2 at IKEA. Tagged my MIL along since she’s alone at home. Had our dinner at Kuang Station and I ordered myself a big bowl of Sarawak Laksa. Semadi nadai aja asai ya.. If I had known it would be my last meal before confinement, I’d whack a Happy Meal Quarter Pounder set with large Coke and a Sundae. Hahahhaa..

Walked to IKEA and got the mattress for baby cot.. At around 9pm I felt sharp pain every now and then but disregard them, probably just Braxton Hicks.. While queueing up for IKEA’S curry puff, the pain got worsen but again I thought it was my panties that was too tight.

While waiting for The Hubby’s customer to meet us at Caltex,( he sold his one-time-wear Oakleys shade via, I could feel the pains at a more regular timing, which were every 30mins. But I still shook it off as contractions, because I don’t remember having this kind of pain when I had Emma. I Googled -“how does contraction feels like?”, and yet I still could not sum up that my delivery mode had been activated.

12.30am and I am on the phone with my Mom, the pain had grew to every 20mins and Mom insisted I go to hospital right away. I delayed the suggestion because I didn’t want to wait long at Hospital Sg Buloh waiting for delivery since there’s always not enough bed.

And there I was, sitting in front of PC, doing my office work at Dropbox folder. My MIL kept on telling me how relaxed and “chill” I am despite panting for breath every 15 mins which got shorten to 10mins.

Took the hospital bag and we went off the hospital at 2.45am. Got me registered and dilatation check at 3.05am. 3cm jak baru. Walked to the waiting hall outside, telling The Hubby to balik mandi and rehat first since it’s only 3cm, could take half a day for it to open yet another 1cm and be pushed to the labour room.. The Hubby said ok and left.

Doc gave me a bed to rest, and I could feel the sharp pain every 5 mins. It got so bad that I decided to just sat on the bed. A nurse came to me and told me she noticed I haven’t been resting well since 15 mins ago and that I looked so much in pain.. I told her I’m only 3cm dilate,*chuckled* but funny how pains got intensified. The nurse decided to give a check and announced that i’m already 7cm dilating.

Hah! So fast!

She hurriedly took a wheelchair and called the doc who checked me first. While injecting the syringe on my hand, he told me that I’m dilating fast. Half an hour it’s already 7cm.. I laughed  and told him the sooner baby is out the better..

Once at the labour room, before climbing the bed, I stopped for a while to hold the contraction pain in. The medic team were panicked for they fear I might have the baby before I can even manage to be on the bed. Hahaha. They told me The Hubby was on the way. Pity The Hubby, he had just left the building merely half an hour and now had to drive back. Lucky thing our house is only a 5mins drive, 10mins if u count elevator and walking at carpark journey.

The doc burst my water broke and the pain intensified to every 30secs. It was already 4.40am and The Hubby was already on my side..

And she ‘s out at 5.09am! The nurse turned her face towards us and we could see uncanny resemblance of her face with her sister Emily.

We named her Emma Too.

And we were discharged from the hospital at 4pm on the same day…


6 thoughts on “My Neslo baby.

  1. Congratulations 🙂

    Welcome to the world, Emma

    Btw, d phone repair guy name is terry. Shop not yet open in 1U. Said june open but I duno d exact date. Tel 016-3442168.

  2. Such a beautiful story! some day you will look back and remember everything and retell them to Emma exactly what mommy did minutes before you had her. 😀

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