29 weeks!

I am now in week 29 of pregnancy. So far so good, and I am very grateful to good Lord for making it easy for me this time. It’s as if the baby knows that Mommy is swamped with work, like busy bee! No cramping, no morning sickness, no swollen feet (or maybe just yet) even no cravings! (The Hubby said that’s the downside of the pregnancy this time). Not to say that I do not have any appetite to eat, but my appetite is just like when I was not pregnant, which is kind of difficult because my throat is saying why bother eating, but my tummy and baby are giving signals or FEED-ME-NOW!!.

And my colleagues were like telling me I am moving like a non-pregger at work, full force. I feel blessed for the energy somehow. It’s a much needed thing right now, despite the tiredness like what I was telling you in the previous post. Somehow over time your body just got used to the lethargic feeling.

Can’t wait to meet the little bubs in 11 weeks time 🙂 Pray for our well- being ya.


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4 thoughts on “29 weeks!

  1. So good to hear ur doing fine! That’s a good sign. Like me i was still moving about energetically up till week 35, dunno why the boundless energy but i was glad for it. Have fun Dee! Hope all goes well.

  2. Hi there, mommy. Blog hopping from Princess Loiuz’s.

    Congrats on your pregnancy. It is a very beautiful journey. Take care and all the best. Btw, beautiful bump. Reminded me of mine (not one, but 3!). Lol.

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