I just got TWO spammed comments from God-knows-who. This is definitely my first and I must say that the comments were rubbish. All these while I saw this kind of “I really enjoyed reading your post. AMAZING!” comment , they only happen in Instagram ( that’s the only social network website that I could think of now)..

But oh well, life nowadays. Full of spams. You know the HALAL thing that is a current HIT? That Cad choc … yeah, that’s from my workplace. And yeah, we are all in a very big mess. Now have to get ourselves each a big broom. To sweep it off, and of course to defend ourselves, physically and mentally.

OK la. That’s all folk. I am going to do yet another post on the Gold Coast trip. If you’re getting bored already, you know where to place your mouse click? .. Thereeeee, up top, there red X button. 🙂



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