Gold Coast Day 1_ Part 2

Woke up at around 4pm and it was getting dark. So soon!? We went for the Sunset Mass at this Catholic Church 10km from Pacific Pines. THe church is lovely, I must say. Somehow I don’t really feel that “holy” (oh I just lost word on how to describe what I experienced). The comers were all dressed so casual, that The HUbby and I felt we were overdressed for the mass. The men wore shorts and Tshirt. Some ever wear like Hawaiian shirt to church. And the girls/ women were dressed like they just jumped out from house couch and just dashed off to church. I gotta say, I was quite shock. Of course some of them were wearing decent attires, but oh well, who are we to judge, right? The weather was quite hot, so maybe that’s why everyone look so laidback.

While driving back home, we noticed all shops and malls were closed. I asked my SIL on what gives and she told us that Australians are very family orientated. Australians get to go home to be with their family at 5pm sharp and this applies to the workers in the mall. WOW! I would really consider migrating here in the future, it this is the case.

Sad back is that we could not do any shoppings at night lah. hahaahhaa..

OK! Sambung lagi.. panjang lagi ni. 


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