Gold Coast Day 1

We had our crazy times at the check-in counter when we found out that our bags were 5kg overload. The Hubby quickly opened back all our stuff and start throwing whatever he could into his backpack. It was quite a funny scenario I must say. He kept asking me what’s up with our weighing scale at home because the times we weighed them, we were so positive that the luggages won’t exceed the amount needed. And then he kept telling me that he is not going to pay rm300 for the unnecessary.

With Emily eager to wander around and The Hubby stuffing all the seluar dalam and what not into our carry, man, I was just so glad I wore pants instead of dress.

The excitement started to mount up slowly but surely when we reached the boarding hall. Emily is our main concern, because we do not know how will she cope up with the 8-hours flight. Normally, she’s the easiest infant to be with in the plane, because I guess it’s her nature to fall asleep right before flight takes off. But this is yet a new experience.

We boarded the plane at around 9pm. So many mat salleh with us that we felt like we were in Oz already. We sat next to a 11 year old girl, who sat at the aisle seat. The Hubby raised his concern that he is definitely going to burden this girl whenever he feels like going to the latrine.

The flight took off and Emily started to yawn. Good sign. We tried doze off too but I guess we were too caught up with the ideas of what’s waiting for us in Gold Coast. It was a smooth flight and almost quiet too if it were not for this one mat salleh family that has 2 crying babies who wont stop wailing from the moment we were in the air until we reached Coolangata Airport.

Being greeted by the sunrise while in the air, it’s serenading. The Hubby’s sister picked us up at the arrival park and we went straight to the house. The weather was sunny and the road condition in Gold Coast is nothing like KL. Less busy and drivers put signal signs at all times. Even LA was not like this..I fell in love immediately with the place.

We told sis that we were just going to take a power nap, since she was so eager to bring us to Harbour Town. Ya right power nap! We dozed off for 5 hours! You see, The Hubby and I just could not really sleep off in the plane, thus explains the tireness.

To be continued!!

Day 1 in Gold Coast!

Day 1 in Gold Coast!


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