It Ain’t A Valentine’s Day Story

Texas Hold’em Poker.

I met you in 2008, but was not interested to look at you. My then boyfriend (now Hubby) kept persuading me to get to know you better, but I was just not into you.

2009, I saw you in Facebook. I said Hello, and you gave me a gift of 20,000 chips. I didn’t understand your gift but took it anyway out of courteousy. You welcomed me in your life, and I started to get along with you, well virtually. To be specific, via Blackberry. And that 20,000 chips? It grew to 500,000 chips.

2010. You followed me to Krabi for my honeymoon. You mingled well with Hubby and his families of all over the world. They came from US, UK and Australia to see you. You were welcomed, big time. I won my first game of you. Stashing 4000Baht underneath the pillow while we played you was fun. I did not know I was winning the game of you considering me being a rookie in that big group. And to think that was my first game ever aside from the one in my Blackberry.

You have been my best buddy since then. No amount of love from Black Jack, Roulette or even your big brother, Open Poker, can ever compare to the friendship we have. So far you’ve helped to fill up my Piggie Bank to four-digits amount in less than a year. I cannot tolerate with Black Jack. I always lose patience dealing with him. You however, is just different. 

There’s just something mysterious about the way you work. You are somewhat fascinating, and everytime I’m with you it is like a new learning experience. Sometimes, you disappoint me, especially when I have double pairs in hand and you decided to give others a better double pair. Or the time when you gave me a straight but you gave a flush to my Hubby. I lost a lot that round, but you always back me up towards the last few rounds.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, Texas Hold’em Poker. Thank you for the pocket money of RM400 you gave yesterday. Damn that felt good.


Dee xx

P/s: pls dont judge me. I’m still a good Mommy of Too. hehe.


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