Welcome to…ME!

Hi everyone!Fuh! Finally writing something, but sadly have to say goodbye to blogspot.com. I hv been using blogspot since my first time knowing about blog’s world. I think it started in 2007? Before that, i was on Friendster blog for one year back. Wow.

However, ever since the smart phone era these past two years plus the micro-blogging application like Twitter and Facebook(of course!), blog world is starting to be forgotten by many bloggers.

And I am one of the many, contributing to the slowdown… Boo hoo..

I am getting off topic!damn.

Why I move to wordpress?

Now that I belong to smartphone era, might as well find something that can help me to write in a jift. I realised blogspot is not really Android-friendly just yet. Therefore, as much as I want to still stay with http://deeloner.blogspot.com, i have to bid it goodbye if I want to start doing this again..

So, here’s a toast to me. A new year, a fresh start in blogging again. I have missed all these, you have nooooo idea..

Rant more soon!



3 thoughts on “Welcome to…ME!

    • Wah. My first reader! Such support, i appreciate;).. Ya la cg. Perlu juak start blogging again bcos i realised i nowadays ditch reading over short read esp online, blogging is the only way to improve my writing.

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