My kind of Saturday


Such bliss.

I am now in Low Yatt area, waiting for my Asus tab to be repaired. The weather in KL is so cooling with the current cold wind scenario or so the meteorology say. How nice if this weather happens here all year through.


dEE xx



Tonight I will re-link back all the blogs I follow and spice up this page.

I promise.


dEE xx

Welcome to…ME!

Hi everyone!Fuh! Finally writing something, but sadly have to say goodbye to I hv been using blogspot since my first time knowing about blog’s world. I think it started in 2007? Before that, i was on Friendster blog for one year back. Wow.

However, ever since the smart phone era these past two years plus the micro-blogging application like Twitter and Facebook(of course!), blog world is starting to be forgotten by many bloggers.

And I am one of the many, contributing to the slowdown… Boo hoo..

I am getting off topic!damn.

Why I move to wordpress?

Now that I belong to smartphone era, might as well find something that can help me to write in a jift. I realised blogspot is not really Android-friendly just yet. Therefore, as much as I want to still stay with, i have to bid it goodbye if I want to start doing this again..

So, here’s a toast to me. A new year, a fresh start in blogging again. I have missed all these, you have nooooo idea..

Rant more soon!