I should start blogging again already. It’s already 2016.

Ok. I start tomorrow la.

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Oh SH*T!!


This is just gotta share with u. Funny ! No pun intended, Boss! 😂😂😂

Mommy of Too


People , especially the ones u know can be very cruel sometimes. Not to mention judgemental.

And thus, I have decided to just quit Facebook. Not that I am a spoil brat person that all I want to see in my comment column are flowers and stars, but it’s nice yo see encouraging words when u post a pic of urself, or ur baby, or even ur car. If I want u to critic, I will say so in my caption.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep ur opinion to urself, or try talking to the wall. Not the FB wall, ur house wall..! Come on.

Maybe, when I no longer feel hurt, I’ll see u in FB yes?

Mommy of Too

When I grow up…

TV showing a health insurance plan, with background showing doctor and nurses with patients..Emily was snuggling nicely in my arms.

Me: Emily, when you grow up, do u want to become a doctor? Like them? (Pointing towards the doctors on TV)..

Em: docterr?..

Me: Yes. Doctor.. Do you want to be like them? What do you want to be?..

Em: hair cut!!

Me: you want to cut hair?

Em: yea.

Me: why?

Em: hair cut.. They’re( the customer I supposed ) prity(pretty) hair cut. Nice..

I hope one day if she really sticks to this, she’s the owner of the salon. I bet it’ll be a hit, if she continues to be as bubbly as she is now..

Mommy of Too

Morning Story

“Jie” ( sister in Mandarin). “Jie jie.”


“Jie jie!!” .. Hand waving


“Jie jie!!!! Why you no talk to me! Play with me  la!!


“Jie jie… Me sad la. Play peek-a-boo la with me.”  Waaaaaaaaa

Mommy of Too

Just the 4 of us

We were invited to AP’s wedding last week the 20th at Kelab KL, Tasik Perdana. Emily was assigned to be their flower girl for their church wedding. Her second time as a flower girl after my SIL’S wedding last year in July. Now that she ‘s 3,it is easier to ask her to follow the rules and flows. Rehearsal went well and the wedding entourage just love her.. She talks a lot and apparently socializes better than me! Ahah! But Friday morning, a day before the event, she woke up with “boo-boo” flowing down her nose. “Boo-boo” is mucus from flu, that’s how The Hubby and his family calls it, so there. Emily kept sneezing the whole day, and it’s worrying. Saturday morning we had to deal with one very moody toddler. She refused to wear her white dress, white shoes and insisted to bring her princess wand( that toy thing) and her pony beanie. *waaaaa bengong palak aku* Thank God she got her vibe back on once we arrive church. She still stubbornly wants to bring those two things  when walking along the aisle. The bridemaids thought she looked cute with those items and they all agreed. image And my daughter look absolutely adorable!! Muji anak dirik o. Hahahha.The Hubby had to guide her along the ordeal because she somehow were terrified with the crowd compared to during rehearsal where she walked on her own. I was with Emma the whole time and thank God she did not cry or anytime during that one hour church wedding. She was awake the whole time but not once she cringed or show any sign of annoyance. I caught her smiling so many times while staring at the ceiling. Must be the Angels dancing and playing around her. Wedding reception. Jeng jeng jeng.. Do you know how hard it was for me to decide on baju to wear for that dinner?.. I normally suka pakai bahu 1 piece for dinner. Senang and flattering. But this time it was hard. If I pakai those kind of dress, how am I going to breastfeed Emma? If I pakai tube dress ok kot. Senang mok adjust. The shopping part was hard. Nothing caught my attention. 2 weeks I cari online and the malls, nothing. No finding! To a point I told The Hubby, it’s ok la. I tinggal rumah with Emma and Emily la. Plus Emily is down with flu. Penat mok wipe her nose. He brushed off my idea. Last2 I decided to wear toga top and pencil skirt. Wah, that dinner I felt so underdressed. Everyone was in formal dress,so many glittery beadings, even The Hubby pun pakai 2 piece suits.. Aku pulak pakai macam pergi mall on Sunday. What to do, easy for me to breastfeed. And yes, I feel so fat!! Damn it. Preparation for the two kids, kedak orang mok pergi perang. Charge Emily’s IPad la, standby baju spare for both in case Emily dropped food or Emma puked while burping or both of them poop so much they stain themselves. I even brought spare baju for myself in case of unforeseen circumstances. Hadoyaiiii.. Everyone was at the cocktail party outside the ballroom, mingling and chit chatting. I pulak stuck at that one spot with Emma in the carrier. The Hubby n I thought it’s not practical to manouvre the stroller anywhere the cocktail party or one of its dangling hook can cause malfunction to someone’s dress. The Hubby jaga Emily and I jaga Emma. Emma normal la. Act cute in the carrier so that many ppl come and compliment her. Emily pulak kept her daddy chasing her all over the place. image image Lucky for us, our table was right belakang. Senang I wanna sneak out for breastfeeding session. Sadly, tpaksa buat d restroom.Good thing the restrooms were clean. Emily degil tak nak duduk at our table  as she found a toddler friend at a table in front of us.. The Hubby and I couldn’t really enjoy our food as both of us were busy with kids. Of course we tried our ways to mingle with others but my radius of walking about yo chitchatting was much smaller than the Hubby. image Balik at 10.30pm with sore legs from heels, sore back from carrying Emma and lots of tissues in my handbag for wiping Emily’s boo-boo. Man, the experience was nothing short of memorable. image Here’s to more stories of us four juggling with each other outside our house. Have I told you our first time flying together? image

Emily and Emma

I can still recall Emily reaction when she first saw her baby sister Emma, on 22 April 11.30pm. Both baby and I were discharged from hospiyal merely 12 hours after the delivery. That of course after a thorough physical checkup towards the baby and mommy.

The house door opened and Emily ran towards me, must have been missing me that much. But she was taken aback when she saw the baby. We introduced her to Emma and she smiled and said, “Baby, Mommy,baby”..

Every now and then, she will come to see Emma who’s sleeping in her cot or while she’s being nursed and asked me if she can kiss the baby. ” Hi Emmama!!” (I dont know why she calls her sis Emmama)She’ll be my  informer if baby is crying. She’ll be the first to tell me if baby’s awake from sleep. Emily is such a cooperative sister and I can rely her to help me with taking stuff that is far from my hand-reach.

But right now while i’m typing,Emily is busy doing “fortress” with cushions and not bothered with her sleeping baby sis. Typical 3yr old kid, huh?




My Neslo baby.


*it’s Neslo ice for breakfast almost everyday since I found out I was pregnant.. Did not manage well with ditching nescafe drink, thus the drink*

This happened exactly 2 weeks ago, 22nd April 2015,5.09am. All praises are to God for He blessed us with a healthy baby girl, weighing at 3.14kg..

Let’s rant about it.

I was slightly disappointed when nothing happened at pregnancy Week 38, a week prior. Probably because I was hoping it would be like what I had with Emily, where she was born at Week 38. Overloaded work at lab which means me climbing up and down the staircase almost at every hour made me prayed hard that the baby is out before it’s due date which was predicted on 28th April.

After work, April 21st, I akak The Hubby to go jalan2 at IKEA. Tagged my MIL along since she’s alone at home. Had our dinner at Kuang Station and I ordered myself a big bowl of Sarawak Laksa. Semadi nadai aja asai ya.. If I had known it would be my last meal before confinement, I’d whack a Happy Meal Quarter Pounder set with large Coke and a Sundae. Hahahhaa..

Walked to IKEA and got the mattress for baby cot.. At around 9pm I felt sharp pain every now and then but disregard them, probably just Braxton Hicks.. While queueing up for IKEA’S curry puff, the pain got worsen but again I thought it was my panties that was too tight.

While waiting for The Hubby’s customer to meet us at Caltex,( he sold his one-time-wear Oakleys shade via Mudah.my), I could feel the pains at a more regular timing, which were every 30mins. But I still shook it off as contractions, because I don’t remember having this kind of pain when I had Emma. I Googled -“how does contraction feels like?”, and yet I still could not sum up that my delivery mode had been activated.

12.30am and I am on the phone with my Mom, the pain had grew to every 20mins and Mom insisted I go to hospital right away. I delayed the suggestion because I didn’t want to wait long at Hospital Sg Buloh waiting for delivery since there’s always not enough bed.

And there I was, sitting in front of PC, doing my office work at Dropbox folder. My MIL kept on telling me how relaxed and “chill” I am despite panting for breath every 15 mins which got shorten to 10mins.

Took the hospital bag and we went off the hospital at 2.45am. Got me registered and dilatation check at 3.05am. 3cm jak baru. Walked to the waiting hall outside, telling The Hubby to balik mandi and rehat first since it’s only 3cm, could take half a day for it to open yet another 1cm and be pushed to the labour room.. The Hubby said ok and left.

Doc gave me a bed to rest, and I could feel the sharp pain every 5 mins. It got so bad that I decided to just sat on the bed. A nurse came to me and told me she noticed I haven’t been resting well since 15 mins ago and that I looked so much in pain.. I told her I’m only 3cm dilate,*chuckled* but funny how pains got intensified. The nurse decided to give a check and announced that i’m already 7cm dilating.

Hah! So fast!

She hurriedly took a wheelchair and called the doc who checked me first. While injecting the syringe on my hand, he told me that I’m dilating fast. Half an hour it’s already 7cm.. I laughed  and told him the sooner baby is out the better..

Once at the labour room, before climbing the bed, I stopped for a while to hold the contraction pain in. The medic team were panicked for they fear I might have the baby before I can even manage to be on the bed. Hahaha. They told me The Hubby was on the way. Pity The Hubby, he had just left the building merely half an hour and now had to drive back. Lucky thing our house is only a 5mins drive, 10mins if u count elevator and walking at carpark journey.

The doc burst my water broke and the pain intensified to every 30secs. It was already 4.40am and The Hubby was already on my side..

And she ‘s out at 5.09am! The nurse turned her face towards us and we could see uncanny resemblance of her face with her sister Emily.

We named her Emma Too.

And we were discharged from the hospital at 4pm on the same day…


I am going cold turkey on FB, starting this morning. I realized I spent so much time just browsing around the news feed which mostly are not even legit.

Now is the time for me to catch up with blogging, good book and rest. I still am available in Pinterest, IG and Twitter (phew)

29 weeks!

I am now in week 29 of pregnancy. So far so good, and I am very grateful to good Lord for making it easy for me this time. It’s as if the baby knows that Mommy is swamped with work, like busy bee! No cramping, no morning sickness, no swollen feet (or maybe just yet) even no cravings! (The Hubby said that’s the downside of the pregnancy this time). Not to say that I do not have any appetite to eat, but my appetite is just like when I was not pregnant, which is kind of difficult because my throat is saying why bother eating, but my tummy and baby are giving signals or FEED-ME-NOW!!.

And my colleagues were like telling me I am moving like a non-pregger at work, full force. I feel blessed for the energy somehow. It’s a much needed thing right now, despite the tiredness like what I was telling you in the previous post. Somehow over time your body just got used to the lethargic feeling.

Can’t wait to meet the little bubs in 11 weeks time 🙂 Pray for our well- being ya.


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